First there was snail mail.
Then there was email.
Now there is POS mail.

Connected Company is a fully controllable, customizable, and trackable internal communication system that puts you and/or your managers in charge and connects your company like never before. Easily and securely send messages, warnings, alerts, and policy or product information to any individual, role, group, or the entire company, and have proof it was opened and read. Allow employees to reply, comment, acknowledge, message, or make suggestions while retaining full control through a wide variety of permission options.

Stay Connected
Stay Connected

Between career, family and social obligations, your company's employees are busy, and we know you are even busier. The number one place where your company meets is it at your Point Of Sale (POS) device. With the Connected Company App you can connect, discuss, and communicate effortlessly, continually, and efficiently.

From [Warnings] and [Alerts] to [New] sales and product information, from [Policies] to [Procedures], from [Awards] to [Reminders], the Connected Company App makes your company better, faster, and smarter. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Protect Your Company
Protect Your Company

In today's regulated and litigated world, protecting your employees' rights while protecting your company takes communication, clarity, and a reliable record of every communication. Connected Company gives you control, by allowing you to create messages to individuals or groups, one way, two ways, or at will.

Every message can be categorized, scheduled, cancelled before delivery, recorded, and sorted by date, type, and recipient. Now you can control what employees see and learn, and better understand their suggestions and concerns, their strengths and weaknesses. It's a beautiful thing!

Grow Revenue
Grow Revenue

Nothing sells products and services better than information. Empower your front line troops with the knowledge to introduce everything new, advise your patrons and customers, and allow the shine of professionalism to glow from every interaction.

Grow your revenue by growing your most important asset: your employees. Connected Company is the missing link to connect your employees with you, each other, and the people they serve. They'll thank you, you'll manage better, and your company will be more profitable.


  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Send Messages to All Staff, Groups or Individuals
  • Use the Preset Title Categories
  • Effectively Introduce New Products and Services
  • Tag Inventory Items to Messages
  • Recipients Can Pin Important Messages
  • Receive Message Comments and Feedback
  • View Messages Opened and Read Statistics
  • Build and Connect your Employee Community
  • Versatile Message Filtering: Search and Sort by Individual, Group, Worker Role, Type of Message, Date Range, and Responses
  • Cancel Sent Messages up until Time of Opening
  • Create Messages Right on Your POS Device
  • Have Proof that Warnings or Alerts Are Read by Employees
  • Optionally, Allow for Employee Feedback or Employee-Initiated Messages
  • Create an Employee Suggestion Box
  • Facilitate Communications between Employees and Managers
  • All Communications are Clover-Level Secure and HIPAA Compliant

frequently asked questions

Q: How do I start?

Easily! Once you install the App from the Clover Web Dashboard App Marketplace your Connected Company account will be automatically created. Open the Connected Company App on your Clover device and start sending messages! If you install the App on a Clover Device first, you will still need to open the Connected Company App on your Clover Web Dashboard to complete your account registration.

Q: How do employees know they have a message?

Employees that are logged into a Clover device when a messages is sent will instantly receive a new message notification. Other employees will receive a new message notification the next time they log into a Clover device.

Q: How do I know the message was opened and read?

Connected Company displays the individual names and overall number of recipients who opened and read each message.

Q: I want to send a new message that has similar content and recipients as a previously sent message.

No problem! Just tap “Use as Template” on any message to use it as a template for your new message. Update the details and recipients and send it on its way.

Q: How am I billed for Connected Company?

The Connected Company App has a $9.95 monthly subscription fee. Connected Company also charges 2 cents for every message received. If a message is received by 11 of your employees, you will be charged 22 cents.

Q: Can I send attachments or photos with my messages?

Connected Company syncs with your inventory. If you want to send a message related to a particular item, simply select the item from the Inventory dropdown and item details will be sent along with your message. Other types of attachments or photos are not yet supported.

Q: How do I send messages to a group of employees?

Clover’s Roles are synced with Connected Company, so you can either send to All, by Roles, or by Individual Employees.

Q: How do I give permission, or remove permission, for employees to respond back to my message?

By default, all messages allow for recipients to comment on a message. Simply check the “Disable Comments” checkbox to prevent any talk-back, enough said!

Q: How do I give permission, or remove permission, for employees to message other groups or individual employees?

Admins can simply toggle the “Employee Messaging” button, located on the Connected Company Messages Dashboard, On or Off.

Q: Can employees save important messages to read later or for future reference?

Recipients can use Pins to indicate messages that are important to them. They can either Pin a message from a new message notification or on the message detail screen. Employees can also sort or filter the messages that they have Pinned.

Q: I am not seeing newly added employees as message recipients.

You may need to sync Connected Company with your Clover Merchant account, so let’s get them Connected. Press the “Refresh Employee List” button on the Connected Company Dashboard. Only Managers can sync accounts.

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